PandasAI uses a cache to store the results of previous queries. This is useful for two reasons:

  1. It allows the user to quickly retrieve the results of a query without having to wait for the model to generate a response.
  2. It cuts down on the number of API calls made to the model, reducing the cost of using the model.

The cache is stored in a file called cache.db in the /cache directory of the project. The cache is a SQLite database, and can be viewed using any SQLite client. The file will be created automatically when the first query is made.

Disabling the cache

The cache can be disabled by setting the enable_cache parameter to False when creating the PandasAI object:

df = SmartDataframe('data.csv', {"enable_cache": False})

By default, the cache is enabled.

Clearing the cache

The cache can be cleared by deleting the cache.db file. The file will be recreated automatically when the next query is made. Alternatively, the cache can be cleared by calling the clear_cache() method on the PandasAI object:

import pandas_ai as pai